The Inspection Authorization Courses

The Inspection Authorization Course

F.A.A. Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for an Inspection Authorization rating, the F.A.A. requires the applicant to:

  • Have held his A&P rating for a three year period before applying for testing, and have been actively engaged in aircraft maintenance the 2 year period prior to applying for testing.
  • Have a fixed base of operations.
  • Have available to him, the equipment, facilities and inspection data need for other schools combined!

Our 4 day IA course will not only allow you to leave our school with a high passing score on the FAA exam, but in-depth knowledge of FAA publications and complete confidence with your new IA responsibilities. BAKER'S SCHOOL Inspection Authorization course begins each Monday of every week, except those weeks containing school holidays. It is a four day course, concluding on Thursday afternoon.

As of August 1, 1996 the IA exam is being administered via computer. We are an authorized testing center and can administer the IA exam after the completion of the IA course. IA testing will be available on Friday morning after the completion of the course.   There is no additional charge for the IA exam after successful completion of our course.

In order to take the IA exam, you must have a signed 8610-1 form (application for Inspection Authorization and two valid forms of identification). You will need to contact your local FSDO to obtain the 8610 form.

IA Tuition $920.00 complete

(Prices effective as of January 1, 2015 and includes all FAA testing fees.)

Tuition may be paid by money order, cashier's check, travelers check's, cash, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or DISCOVER. PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED by any individual or company.

What to Bring

The only items needed to attend our IA course (besides the original, signed and endorsed 8610-I form for FAA testing) is a small hand calculator and a picture I.D. Non - U.S. residents must possess a valid passport for identification.

Before purchasing any of your software supplies, call and talk with us.   We carry a complete line of IA exam libraries and T-Data™ exam libraries. You may order in advance or purchase the day you arrive for classes. Call us if you would like a sample disc mailed to you in advance, to help you with your decision.

I.A. Course Guarantee

BAKER'S SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS guarantees that if you fail any of the I.A. written tests, after completing our course, you may return to our school, up to two years, during I.A. classes for additional training until you receive your I.A. rating.

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IA Renewal Courses

Presently, Baker's School of Aeronautics offers two 8 hour courses that has approved by the FAA for IA renewal.

Course one is offered every Monday and covers Title 14 of the CFRs (FARs).

Course two is offered every Tuesday and covers TYPE CERTIFICATE DATA SHEETS and AIRWORTHINESS DIRECTIVES.

Seating is limited, therefore- pre-registration is required. Please call in advance to schedule your specific course.

IA renewal tuition - $160.00

It is not necessary to bring any materials with you. We provide each attendee all required course materials.