The A&P Guaranteed Course

F.A.A. Eligibility Requirements

The A&P mechanics course is for applicants who meet FAR 65.71-65.77 only. Under these regulations, you must have a certain type of mechanical experience before the F.A.A. will allow you to take the F.A.A. written exams. The required experience for the powerplant mechanic rating is a minimum of 18 months working with tools on any type of aircraft engine. The required experience for the airframe mechanic rating is a minimum of 18 months working with tools on any type of airframe. If you want both ratings, and your experience was a combination of airframe and powerplant, then you need a total of 30 months experience (not 36).

If you are in doubt about your experience, it is best to discuss it with your F.A.A. maintenance inspector nearest you. There are four requirements to obtain a mechanic's license:

  • Experience
  • Written exams
  • Oral, and
  • Practical test

Obtaining Your Authorization Slips

To be enrolled in BAKER'S SCHOOL as a mechanic student, you must first meet the F.A.A. experience requirements. The purpose of this is to be sure the F.A.A. will permit you to take the written exam after you finish the course. There are four (4) ways of proving your experience to the F.A.A. Any of these four ways will be considered as proof:

  1. Have the F.A.A. written exam grade slip which shows you met the requirements in the past.
  2. Have a diploma from a civilian F.A.A. approved mechanic school. To obtain this type diploma, you must have attended a mechanic school full time for 2 to 3 years.
  3. Have a military discharge records showing that you have worked on aircraft as a mechanic for the required number of months. (DD-214)
  4. Have a "mechanic's experience letter" signed by your shop superintendent, maintenance officer or licensed mechanic under whom you have worked.
  5. Having complied with (2) or (3) or (4) above, you now should go to your F.A.A. office and comply with no. (5).
  6. Have your nearest F.A.A. maintenance inspector give you two copies of the 8610-2,Airman Certification and/or Rating Application Form, saying that you meet the experience requirements. Bring the forms to BAKER'S with you. Do not bring experience letter or form DD-214 to enroll.
  7. Insure both 8610-2 Forms have original signatures of the FAA Inspector and yours.

A&P Enrollment

Please enroll at least two to three weeks prior to your desired start date, you may have to stay longer, depending on DME availability. Full tuition and your two original 8610-2 forms are required to enroll.

A&P Tuition $1475.00* Complete

(Prices effective as of January. 1, 2015 and includes all FAA testing fees.)

Contact school for individual course tuition.

Tuition may be paid by money order, cashier's check, travelers check's, cash, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or DISCOVER. PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED by any individual or company.

*Plus Applicable Oral and Practical Exams Fees.

Oral and Practical Examinations

The F.A.A. requires the written results to be in the student's hands before an Oral and Practical examination may be given. Therefore, in order to take an oral and practical examination with one of our examiners, you must bring your written score slips and your airmen certificate and/or rating application 8610-2. Your F.A.A. inspector should give you two copies of the 8610-2 form, both bearing original signatures. Photo copied signatures are not accepted.

For our students' convenience, we have scheduled the F.A.A. designated mechanic examiners in Nashville for both evening and weekend testing.

A&P Guarantee

BAKER'S SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS guarantees that if you fail the written, oral, or practical after completing the guaranteed course, BAKER'S will give you additional instruction at no extra cost, up to two years, until you pass the test.

Classroom Time

The average time to obtain the A&P rating is from 11 - 13 days. Our instructors work closely with each student, progressing him/her based on their own capabilities. Because we GUARANTEE THE COURSE, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE TIME.

What to Bring

The only items necessary for enrollment for the Guaranteed A&P courses, as mentioned before, are the two 8610-2 forms from the F.A.A., valid identification, (Drivers license or airman certificate, and non - U.S. students must bring valid passport for valid identification) and full tuition. The student does not buy any books for the course. All materials and tools are furnished by the school. Electronic calculators are used in the classroom in some parts of the course. If a student has his own, he may wish to bring it with him. However, the school does have calculators in the classroom which any student is welcome to use. These calculators may be used in the testing room when taking the F.A.A. examination. Students need to have a notebook for their own use.






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