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AMT Day at Baker's

May 24, 2022

On April 30, 2008 House Resolution 444 was presented to the House of Represenatives in Washington, D.C. by Senator Bob Filner that May 24th of each year be declared Aviation Maintenance Technician Day. It was voted on and passed! After more than 100 years of aviation, Charles E. Taylor is finally getting the recognition that he so rightfully deserves. This resolution also recognizes the knowledge, skill, professionalism and integrity of all AMTs around the world.

This resolution has taken many years and lots of hard work by many people across the U.S. to finally become a realization. There are currently 45 States that have already declared May 24th as AMT Day and Tennessee was the fourth State to do so in 2003. 

To honor this day and the many AMTs, Baker's School of Aeronautics began hosting an AMT Picnic each year beginning in 2004. The Tennessee Mid-South Aviation Maintenance Conference also helps to support this event and we normally have over 100 guests come each year. Take a few minutes to view some pictures from this year's picnic. All AMT's and aviation  associates are always welcomed.

Aviation Maintenance Day

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