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It is Our Job to Help You

What Our Students Are Saying!

Students from around the globe fill out our comment cards to let us know how we are doing are a few recent ones.
Thanks to Mr. Williams for putting together a great video of what to expect for future students.
We would like to thank Joshua Jones with Bird Craft Technology for his unsolicited review of our IA course. Please check it out. 
"Baker's study system works!  Reba is an awesome instructor.  She has been there and done that in the industry and she knows exactly what you need to do to pass the tests.  She keeps it fun and knows how to teach effectively.  The whole Baker's staff are always friendly and willing to help or make you feel better on a bad day.  Overall, the course was intense, but defintely well worth all the mental sweat.  Thanks!"
~Katie K. from Shelbyville, TN
"The class was awesome.  I liked that it wasn't just memorizing answers, but understanding the questions and answers.  The practice tests are a must and helped a lot.  The staff was extremely nice and helpful.  The instructor's (Donna) knowledge of the material is indispensable (whatever that means).  Couldn't have passed it without her or Baker's.  Thanks a lot."
~ Jeff M. from Streetsboro, OH
"Thank you all for the lessons and effort.  It was not easy and I had to study hard, but after two weeks the reward is big."
~ Ron S. from the Netherlands
"Donna is awesome.  I got 100% on my IA test.
~David S. from Kotzebue, AK
"I went into this wondering if I'd really leave 2 weeks later as an A&P.  I almost lost it when I looked at my test schedule, but sure enough, there was plenty of time to learn the given info, as long as you work for it.  Reba has a different way of doing things, but her way (and the Baker's way) works.  She knows a lot of stuff.  Study hard, do what Baker's tells you and you are golden.  I worked for me and hundreds of others, it will work for you too."
~Brandon R. from Jay, NY
"Cameron provided excellent preparation for the Oral and Practical exams.  Quizzing with study partners is definitely the key to success on A&P O&P.  I am glad that I chose Baker's to help me accomplish the A&P certificate milestone.
~Jerry L. from Huntsville, AL
"Great course.  I felt not only prepared for the tests, but gained valuable knowledge as well.  Class was upbeat, instructors were energetic and eager to assist in anyway.  Again, Baker's has made a huge impact in my aviation career."
~William R. from Wallace, MI
"My highest regards go to Baker's for taking such good care of their students!  Huge shout out to everyone at Baker's for the once in a lifetime privilege.  Special call out to Tyler and Cameron for an awesome class.  Highest of honors go to Mike Noblin for being an outstanding DME!  Future Baker's students ....Keep your head up and study the books!  Baker's gives you everything  to be successful for your A&P.  Make sure you pay extra study time to the Powerplant."
~Sgt. Tyler C. from Beaufort, SC
"Tyler did a great job of presenting the information needed in a way the students can understand.  As the student, I had to do my part with studying, but I was afforded all the information needed.  I would definitely refer others to Baker's School of Aeronautics, as well as requesting Tyler."
~Ryan P. from Canyon Lake, TX
"Went into this program wondering if I'd really leave 2 weeks later as an A&P.  I almost lost it when I looked at my test schedule, but sure enough, there was plenty of time to learn the given info, as long as you worked for it.  Reba has a different way of doing things, but her way (and the Baker's way) works...she knows a lot of stuff.  Study hard, do what Baker's tell you and you're golden.  It worked for me and hundreds of others, it'll work for you."
~Brandon R. from Jay, NY
'So happy that not only did I pass, but that all eleven of us that went from Puerto Rico came back home with our A&P!  I am so thankful for everything; to Tyler and Cameron, our instructors and the staff of Baker's for helping us out so much!  Thanks to my DME, Shane Feck.  It was a great and unique experience.  I will never forget it and for the next students to come, I wish you guys the best! "
~ Sergio L. from Puerto Rico
"I want to thank the staff and Cameron Fox for helping me realize a life long dream.  Work hard, say your prayers and study!!  Good things happen to good people."  
~ Lydell H. from Minnesota 
"Great school.  Very professional front office staff and good instructors.  This definitely helps prepare for you for the A&P process.  Thank you."
~ John D. from North Carolina
"Reba is one of the most beautiful instructors that I have ever seen.  Linda is great.  TyTy is awesome and the big brother I wish I had and Cameron is the cool little brother.  Peggy is a wonderful asset to the Baker's family.  Thank you Ms. Baker for having a great staff and a place to help obain our A&P...also, Linda is a great Mom."
~ Damien R. from Florida
"I would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to Donna for a great week at Baker's School of Aeronautics.  I have never met an instructor that could present such dry material and hold your attention.  Thank you for helping me complete my IA test with success!"
~Steve T. from 
"Thank you Tyler!  You did a great job due to your great skills.  I passed my test quite a bit earlier than I expected to be ready.  Dear Miss Baker, your built a fine school...nice, clean and well organized!  All of your staff is super friendly and very capable.  Thank you!  Kind regards from the Swiss guy with the red jacket"
~ Beat B. from Switzerland
"Baker's is an awesome school.  Having failed my test twice before arriving, I didn't think I would ever pass it.  In just two days at Baker's with these great men and women, I finally passed my last test.  I am so thankful for Baker's."
~Tim L. from Mississippi
"You guys are awesome!  Donna was absolutely right about trusting her - everything she told us about taking the test WORKED!  Thanks again!"
~ Debbie M. from Georgia
"Don't leave your hotel room at night, study, study, study.  Turn off your phone.  Great guidance from the instructors."
~Anonymous from North Carolina
"Reba has an excellent classroom environment and teaching methods.  She made sure we stuck to the
program and provided everything we needed to succeed."
 ~ Sears from Idaho

"Donna was the best instructor I have ever had.  Her God given Southern accent and phraseology really helped my memory.  Donna's care, concern and dedication to the students was very apparent and paid off with great test scores (100%).  One suggestion, it would be nice to have a booklet to take home with key practical things to remember and use later. Thanks for everything!" 

 ~Ellis M. from N. Carolina

"Excellent class.  I was well prepared.  I took the exam in 20 minutes and only missed one question.  Facilities and staff are excellent.  Location to ammenities is great.  Donna did a fantastic job." 


"Commit, no TV, limit your phone calls, it is only two weeks.  Stay in the books, especially the Powerplant.  While in the Oral and Practical book, make the answers fit you.  You must use your own experience.  I learned a great deal about aviation in this course.  Listen to the staff, especially to Cameron Fox!"

 ~Chris S. from Virgina

"Bakers' - hands down -is the very, very best!  Donna  is a fantastic teacher.  Love ya!"

 ~ Jeff B. from Oregon

"Great instruction.  I am so happy I came here.  Baker's came highly recommended."

 ~ Richard B. from Iowa

"I have tried to study for my IA test before and would lose interest quickly.  I've always worked in a 145 CRS and never needed my IA.  A new opportunity presented itself and my IA was a condition of my employment.  Many thanks to Donna and her years of experience."

~John M.

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.  I couldn't be happier with my experience at Baker's.  Thanks to the school, I now have my A&P license and started my new job at Technic Air at Washington Dulles Airport working on private jets.  Special thanks to Ms. Rebecca, Tyler and my DME, Shane Feck."  ~Manuel M.

"The folks at Baker's are real good people!  On Mondays they have a get together after class for about 10-20 minutes, so everyone can get to know each other.  You won't find that anywhere else.  The instructors are professional and help out in any which way they can to make sure you succeed.  You will if you listen to them and follow the advice that is given.  It's not play time!  It's your career!  Thank you Baker's and all the staff."

~James K.

"Great school and great staff.  Cameron you are the man!  It was worth everything."

~Michael L. from New York

 "Thanks for the help.  It's all worth it!  Thanks Reba and Cameron."

~Dan M. from Pennsylvania

"Donna, thank you so much!  Definitely the best instructor by far.  I would never have gotten all the  questions without her silly ditties and exact emphasis on the important parts.  Thanks Bakers!"

~Mike A.  from Alabama

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