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A & P Refresher Course

Airframe and Powerplant Refresher Courses


These courses are designed for FAA rated A&P mechanics having to RETEST with the FAA. This covers anyone who took their Oral and Practical exams with St. George Aviation Testing Center in Sanford, Florida or received their certificates from Brian Tobias or Marty Simmon . The courses are very structured and cover all material for the FAA writtens and orals. Pre-registration is required. The only items needed the first day of class, is a picture ID and full tuition. We will furnish you with necessary class books and materials. 














The retesting information and schedule are provided in the re-examination letter you received from the FAA. For best results, we suggest that you schedule your course a week before your scheduled FAA tests. For more information concerning retesting regulations you can click on the links below or call the school. 


FAA Compliance Information 

Click the links listed below for more information.

Six to Seven Days

Airframe and Powerplant


Four to Five Days

Airframe / General


Four to Five Days

Powerplant / General


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