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Baker's friendly and diversified staff will make your stay a rewarding and pleasant learning experience.

Donna Highers

Donna holds the title as our Chief Instructor and has taught full-time with our school since 1988.  She came to us with five years prior experience teaching A&P mechanics for another school. She teaches our A&P Courses and our Inspection Authorization Course.  Donna also holds an Advanced Instrument Ground Instructor's rating and has taught many flight ground school courses in the past. She is famous for her dynamic and detailed, (but “keep it simple”) teaching methods. Donna's long tenure, coupled with her personal quest of ensuring that all her students pass the first time, has earned her a very well-known and popular reputation among the aviation community all around the world.  All the thank you letters and cards that she has received from past students over the years would probably wallpaper our entire school!


During her off time she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her young granddaughters.


Becky Baker 

As her name implies, Becky, has spent a good part of her life around this school.  She spent many hours working part-time at the school during high-school and college. While in college, Becky served as an apprentice with the FAA, and gained a good understanding of a FAA Maintenance Inspector's job duties.  After obtaining her A&P rating and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Maintenance Management from Middle Tennessee State University, she worked for awhile in the field as an A&P mechanic.


Becky teaches our A&P and Inspection Authorization courses full-time, plus assists her mother in the daily operation of the school, as the School’s Associate Director.  Becky's varied exposure to the aviation world, along with her thorough and delightful teaching skills, offers her students a truly insightful and rewarding learning experience.  In 2013 the Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance (AWAM) awarded Becky with the prestigious honor as the “Instructor of the Year” for 2012.


Becky is very creative and enjoys doing crafts.  She loves spending time with her two daughters, three dogs and three horses.   Becky has logged a few hours towards her Private Pilot rating and hopes to obtain her Private Pilot’s rating in the near future.


Linda Wyatt

Linda came on board in April of 2006. Though she was new to aviation, it was obvious she was not new to running or managing an office. She studied accounting at Youngstown State University and moved to Tennessee in 1992. Linda has held various positions working for much larger companies, such as UPS and Bridgestone. Linda works full-time in our front office and has been a great asset to our staff. Her take-charge and can-do attitude, coupled with her diversified past working experience, was exactly what our multi-task front office position required.


Linda’s delightful sense of humor and love of people makes her someone the students warm to very quickly and someone they know they can count on for any help they may need.


Linda’s outside activities include spending time with her family and 2 very large boxers.  She is especially compassionate about raising awareness and participating in fund raisers for Cystic Fibrosis.  


Tracey Johnson

Tracey was hired as an Admissions Coordinator in April of 2015.  She quickly caught on to the everyday hustle and bustle of answering phones, taking enrollments and the other 500  tasks that it takes to run our busy front office.  She is also currently taking care of our aviation store inventory and assisting the owner with daily accounting tasks.  Though born in Corry, Pa, Tracey was raised right here in Lebanon, TN and has been a wonderful addition to our new school in Lebanon.  Tracey attended Volunteer State College and earned her Associate’s Degree in Accounting.  She gained experience in prior jobs from being an Office Manager, working in customer service to weighing deer and measuring turkey beards!  Tracey’s constant smile, easy going personality and willingness to help her co-workers and our students with any task has certainly made her well liked by everyone who meets her.


She loves to travel, photography, hanging out with her friends and spending time with her dog on her friend’s farm.  She is working on her bucket list, which includes taking art classes, visiting the Van Gogh Museum and to visit all 50 states.  


Peggy Hamlet

After moving into our new building in Lebanon, TN, we knew we needed to enlarge our administration team.  We were fortunate to find Peggy who lived close by and was looking for another position that would allow her to spend more time with her family.


She studied at Tennessee Technology Center and received an Associates Degree in Business, married her High School sweetheart and has three children and two beloved horses.  Peggy brought quite a bit of experience with her after spending 15 years as an Administrative Assistant and then 2 years as an Assistant Manager with a local finance company.  She has proven to be a great asset and stays busy answering the school phones, processing enrollments, and administering FAA exams to our students.  She always has a smile on her face and enjoys assisting the students with their local accommodations and transportation needs during their stay with us.

During her off time, Peggy takes delight in spending outdoor activities with her family by camping, boating, kayaking, hunting and fishing.   

Tyler Rossano

Tyler was officially introduced to the world of mechanics when he worked for Blockhead Machine in Stuart, FL., as an engine machinist.  He worked there for over two years machining and rebuilding automotive, marine, diesel and motorcycle engines and sub-components.  After leaving Blockhead Machine, Tyler left home to serve in the United States Marine Corps as a UH-1N crew chief.  During that time, he specialized in weapons and tactics, and crew resource management, while also maintaining the powerplant and airframe systems on both the Huey November and Yankee and the Cobra Whiskey models.  While in the military he was afforded the opportunity to travel to many corners of the world; from Haiti to South Korea.  When his military contract expired towards the end of 2012, we were fortunate to convince him to join our team.  He currently teaches our Airframe and Powerplant courses, our Oral and Practical Courses, as well as our Inspection Authorization course.  Tyler’s vast knowledge and past experience contributes immensely to the learning experience of each of his students.  Students find his professional and personal attitude towards their individual success a welcoming and highly respected attribute.


Some of the things Tyler enjoys to do on his free time include spending time with his family and his young daughter and manufacturing personal firearms for recreational shooting.  While working full time here, Tyler earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Technical Management and is currently working towards his Masters Degree with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 


Cameron Fox

Cameron has been around airplanes his entire life.  Both his grandfathers flew in WWII and instilled the passion for flying to further generations.  He has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor in Texas.

Cameron was born and raised in Austin, TX and began flying while in college. He then quickly became involved in the maintenance side of aviation.

After managing several shops and working for a private collector of WWII aircraft, Cameron attended Baker's School of Aeronautics to obtain his A&P Rating.  He excelled through the course and after completion, he was asked to join the team at Baker's to help lead others along the path of success. Cameron's true passion for aviation and practical knowledge of aircraft systems was a natural fit for his talents to flourish.

In his spare time, Cameron enjoys pulling out his bird from a hanger and spending some time breaking the bonds of earth with his friends.  He is also a passionate fisherman, enjoying his time spent outdoors, and traveling the glove meeting new friends and learning all about other cultures.

Reba Evans

Reba began her career in aviation maintenance while she served with the Tennesse Air National Guard.  After training and working on C-130's, she knew she was hooked and decided she wanted to spend her career in aviation maintenance.  After gaining the required field experience, Reba attended Baker's School and received her A&P certification.  She worked as an on-call mechanic at the BNA airport and has experience with Cessna 152's up to Boeing 767's certified in various categories.

When Reba began working for the school, it didn't take long for everyone to see that she was a natural teacher.  She is currently teaching our Airframe and Powerplant writtens and Oral and Practical courses.  She is devoted to her students and takes pride in ensuing that each one is ready before encouraging them to take the FAA exam.  She often will work with students one on one, if she feels that they need additional training on a particular subject or area.  Her compassion and encouraging words are certainly appreciated by all of her students.  She enjoys making the students feel at home while they are in class and is always ready to help them.

Besides her natural teaching skills, Reba will tell you that she feels her greatest accomplishment is her young daughter, who has also discovered a love for aviation, like her Mom.

Jennifer Baker

Jennifer is the school owner and director.  She began her career at the school in 1978, when the school was known as King’s. Being new to aviation, she quickly fell in love with the entire aviation world, especially the world of the aircraft mechanic. She became a partner with the owner and took over the operation of the school. Jennifer taught A&P and IA Courses for 16 years, before buying out her partner and changing the name to Baker’s School of Aeronautics in 1994. She is a strong advocate for the aircraft mechanic and has served on several committees over the years to help promote the professional status and appeal of an aviation maintenance career.


She served many years on the FAA AMT Award’s Committee and helped in rewriting Advisory Circulars pertaining to the AMT Awards Program. She is currently working on the Tennessee Mid-South Aviation Maintenance Committee and is on the Advisory Committee for Tennessee Technology School of Science.  In 2010 she was instrumental in helping NASA space technicians be recognized by the FAA for having enough experience to obtain their FAA Airframe ratings.  She was inducted into the Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame in November of 2009. 


One of her personal quest is to help broaden the awareness of Charles E. Taylor, the first aircraft mechanic. Jennifer was a strong supporter of having May 24th recognized as AMT Day by the State of Tennessee and helped achieve that goal in 2003.  In 2005 she began hosting an annual AMT Picnic at the school around Charles Taylor’s birthday to help keep the awareness alive.


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